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Your HVAC Working Harder...

iHarmony Zoning

Pure Air 

Enhance your comfort and savings with iHarmony zoning for precision climate control. 

Clean the air inside your home better than any single system.

The iHarmony zoning system solves the problems:

  • Uneven Home Temps

  • Uncomfortable Temperatures  

  • Reduce Energy Costs


The iHarmony zoning system makes your home feel welcoming year-round. Change the temperature throughout the house, or even in specific areas, with just a few taps of the thermostat or even your phone.


Keep your family perfectly comfortable and keep your home efficient, all while enjoying ultimate control and ease.  Zoned!!

Airborne Particles. Hiding.  You Can't See them. You really don't want to breathe them.


"The Lennox PureAir® Air purification system filters out more than 95% of particles absorbed by the lungs down to .3 micron."

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