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Best AC Filter

What Filter is in your Air Conditioner? Where do you get your Filters? Look at these reviews....

Consumer Reports looked at Air Filters in March 2017. The top 2 were:

Video Demo compares the Filtret & the Lennox:

"Beware - Expensive Furnace Air Filters Kill your HVAC System - Amazing Demo"

Watch the air flow on these filters! Wow, Filtret & BestAir??

Beware on those red filters.... and agreeing with Consumer Reports...

Lennox Lennox Carbon Clean MERV16 & the best!!

?Have you lately changed the filter on your AC?

ERA Recommends monthly for 1 inch...

Every time you pay the electric bill change a 1" filter.

Merv 11+ can go like a year!

What happens without good air flow? Whether a filter is dirty & just restricted air flow...

  1. AC does not blow enough

  2. Mold can take resident in dormant air

  3. Compressor may be damaged by extra strain

  4. Air may be too hot from furnace

ERA takes care of Planned Maintenance Customers making sure you have your filters!!

Call ERA 903-553-1199

Filtration Assessment & 20% Off your Filter System!!

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