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Warranty: 12 Years?

What has the Best Warranty of our AC systems? I'll tell you 10 years is Good. A system at 15 years is on borrowed time!! ERA can help with that when needed...

The BEST WARRANTY is for 12 years!

The Lennox MiniSplits have and Extended Warranty to 12 years! That's years with Cold in the summer and Heat in the winter. These Minis Splits do it all Quietly.

Solve Heat & Cool for hard places like:




Stay cool with ERA Climate Technologies.

What will YOU be doing in 12 years?? That's to year 2029! Seasons change for sure.

The 12yo will be 24 & a 15 yo will be 27!! A 17yo will be 29!! And that newborn will be 12! and double digits! Lastly, that 23yo will be 35! in 2029.

Lennox Mini-Splits 12 Years

Supplements the Basic Limited Warranty, increasing coverage on covered components, including the compressor from 5-7 years to 12-year limited extended warranty on Lennox MLA, MPA and MPB Mini-Split Heat Pumps.

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