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Ultra Smart Thermostats & Alexa

It is HOT!! You can cool the house before you get home with a super cool an AC app.

Schedule is super easy. Better yet, your AC knows when you come and go and runs by your hectic schedule with Geofencing. We have even seen Alexa and can tell her to make it cooler!!! That's moving toward home automation!

Thermostats are getting smarter! They are connected to make you more comfortable!!

Ask ERA Climate Technologies how to upgrade your Thermostat!!

We have several thermostats on the ERA Thermostats page.

S30 Smart Thermostat works with Lennox

E30 works with any AC System

Lyric T6 is a great Wifi Thermostat by Honeywell

T6 Pro

is simple & easy to adjust and not connected, for simplicity

See Thermostats for much more!

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