Summer Cooling Tips & $10k Contest

What are your best tips to keep cool? The heat of summer is here in Texas!

Superstar Energy Savings Contest by Lennox

Win $10,000 for an A/C system!!!

A Chance to Win a huge make-over for your A/C. The deadline is August 31, 2017.

Does your A/C need repair? Is your air conditioning system ancient and struggling? Maybe you are a master at saving energy? Maybe you need to help your summer energy use?

Start thinking of those tips!!!

1) Describe your energy-saving tip in 1000 characters or less. Be creative! Saving energy doesn’t have to be dull. Plus, your bright idea may help people all over the world be more energy-efficient.

2) Make a photo of your tip in action, and add little information about your home and utility costs.

Submit your tip & chance to win, at Lennox

Need some brain storming? Here's some examples from last year....

The three additional finalists include:

“Energy-efficient recipe for clean dogs: Ingredients: 10-20 gallons rain barrel water. A few squirts of liquid soap. Smelly dogs. Instructions: Mix 6-8 gallons of rain barrel water in a tub with liquid soap till sudsy. Add smelly dogs. Lather, then rinse with remaining water.” - M Rike [Charlottesville, VA] “Living in Florida, we know the importance of conserving energy. Our energy saving tip is to minimize the use of indoor heat-producing kitchen appliances, such as the oven/stove, and take your cooking outdoors. By doing so, you will avoid a "sunburn" on your home cooling system. We cook Friday and Saturday's dinner at once on our outdoor grill! Our little chef Sarah is happy to help Daddy reduce energy usage and a cook a delicious meal.” – K Schooley [Jacksonville, FL] “Pay yourself first, your energy ‘tip:’ When you forget the lightswitch to flip. An energy tip jar shows that you care. A quarter reminds you to be self-aware. Every clink that you hear, as it drops in the slot. Is an energy nudge -- you can sure save a lot. Small things add up, and you’ll swear it’s a way. To bring about change, in a fun-loving way!” – R Rike [Charlottesville, VA] Furda’s tip garnered the most votes on the Lennox website during the designated voting period, topping Rike, Schooley and Rike to become the official Lennox “Energy Savings Superstar.”