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Summer Cooling Tips & $10k Contest

What are your best tips to keep cool? The heat of summer is here in Texas!

Win $10,000 for an A/C system!!!

A Chance to Win a huge make-over for your A/C. The deadline is August 31, 2017.

Does your A/C need repair? Is your air conditioning system ancient and struggling? Maybe you are a master at saving energy? Maybe you need to help your summer energy use?

Start thinking of those tips!!!

1) Describe your energy-saving tip in 1000 characters or less. Be creative! Saving energy doesn’t have to be dull. Plus, your bright idea may help people all over the world be more energy-efficient.

2) Make a photo of your tip in action, and add little information about your home and utility costs.

Need some brain storming? Here's some examples from last year....

The three additional finalists include:

“Energy-efficient recipe for clean dogs: Ingredients: 10-20 gallons rain barrel water. A few squirts of liquid soap. Smelly dogs. Instructions: Mix 6-8 gallons of rain barrel water in a tub with liquid soap till sudsy. Add smelly dogs. Lather, then rinse with remaining water.” - M Rike [Charlottesville, VA] “Living in Florida, we know the importance of conserving energy. Our energy saving tip is to minimize the use of indoor heat-producing kitchen appliances, such as the oven/stove, and take your cooking outdoors. By doing so, you will avoid a "sunburn" on your home cooling system. We cook Friday and Saturday's dinner at once on our outdoor grill! Our little chef Sarah is happy to help Daddy reduce energy usage and a cook a delicious meal.” – K Schooley [Jacksonville, FL] “Pay yourself first, your energy ‘tip:’ When you forget the lightswitch to flip. An energy tip jar shows that you care. A quarter reminds you to be self-aware. Every clink that you hear, as it drops in the slot. Is an energy nudge -- you can sure save a lot. Small things add up, and you’ll swear it’s a way. To bring about change, in a fun-loving way!” – R Rike [Charlottesville, VA] Furda’s tip garnered the most votes on the Lennox website during the designated voting period, topping Rike, Schooley and Rike to become the official Lennox “Energy Savings Superstar.”

Look at the 2016 Winner!!!!

Be inspired and make your tip!!

Take a pic!!

ERA hopes you win the 10K!!!!

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