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Window Unit or a Mini-Split A/C

When your A/C just doesn't cover the space and you really need more air...

What are your options? A Window Air Conditioner or a Mini-Split A/C system.

What is best to keep you cool? What's your budget? What's your scope, short or long term?

Window Unit Air Conditioning

  • You can buy a Window A/C locally and install on your own. This may be the best feature.

  • Great for a renter

  • Window units only cool & are seasonal

  • Indoor noise is a huge factor & the unit blocks the window and light

  • Search Window Unit Fire & Then look how to Burglar proof your unit! Yikes!

  • We have seen electrical sockets burned up. Never use an extension cord on a window unit. So if renting, get that renters insurance.

  • Price runs $100 to $800 and that's just cooling

  • Consumer Reports can give you recommendations and their best rated window unit at $700+ was 12.2 EER

Mini-Split Air Conditioning Unit

  • Mini-Split A/C units both cool & heat so you can stay comfortable ALL year

  • SEER 28 is the highest we've seen and that's a huge electricity savings and incredibly efficient

  • Mounted inside on an interior or exterior wall and an outdoor unit

  • Units are virtually silent, this is what we needed for our office and want in a sun room

  • Flexible installation for those challenging applications

  • Installed by an A/C Professional

  • E.R.A. will get you the best Split without a window

  • The cost starts at 3k and is a lasting solution with a 10 year warranty

Lennox & Samsung have great options on the Mini-Splits.

Warranties are 10 & 12 years. Wow! Efficiencies are from 22 to 28SEER, that's incredible. Now you can solve those impossible uncomfortable A/C spots with a Mini-Split A/C from E.R.A!

Where do you need an innovative solution, a Mini-Split?

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