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Office Construction

Walls are going up and plans are coming together. Nails & wood & sweat.

This week the plans are for wire & foam & paint.

We are building an office for E.R.A. in a bay a few doors down.

We have a plan for the air conditioning...

A/C options:

  • Window Unit- loud and miserable in an office, impossible to be on a phone, constant noise

  • Hotel Unit- needs an outside wall (we don't have) & loud

  • Small Central Unit with Ducts- space concerns inside & outside with ducts eliminating storage options, no secure placement for outside unit

  • Mini Split- mount a unit on the wall and outdoor unit mountable & very versatile, efficiency 28SEER, small footprint/wall mount, quieter & our perfect solution

The Mini Split in the plans is the Samsung Pearl

Great for adding an office.

Look at that SEER 28.1

This Mini Split was the plan before construction!

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