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Repair the A/C or Replace

Spring is on and off again. Cooler temps give you time to decide on your Air Conditioning.

Repair or Replace?! How old is the equipment? Leaking freon? Debate the options. Are you price driven? We will make a plan you can win with.

In the HEAT of July these decisions are more pressing.

Repair A/C: First response when your Air Conditioning needs attention. ERA will keep your system maintained and you'll know when the system needs more.

  • Water leak- Planned maintenance will help keep lines clear and water draining

  • Not Cooling

  • Low on Freon- adding freon gives your system more life. A small leek, like 10 ounces, will need minimal maintenance.

  • Major Fail- would be a large freon leek. Needing 4# can be huge. Freon can run $360 so that's $90/#. Yikes!! The life of the system is compromised. Start making plans to replace. Put those dollars toward a new system​.

  • Capacitor, Fan Motors, even a Contactor - replace one & all is good, two & be concerned; for three, beware of the snowball of multiple issues. Evaluate age & viability of the system.

  • Compressor fail, this is the heart of the system. We recommend a new system.

  • Aged system- a system 14+ is pushing the years. Keep up good maintenance and keep an eye on repairs. New systems efficiency can help your electricity bill.

Replace the A/C: When you need cool and it is time to decide

  • Our systems are the BEST rated according to Consumer Reports. That's Lennox & American Standard! Our warranties on a new system add years to your comfort.

  • We have financing to give YOU options. Increasing efficiency will help your electricity bill.

  • Rebates are here NOW, not in July. Save hundreds (really!!) on a system with the spring rebates.

  • July is hot to trot & and your attic is miserable! We will keep you cool & the rebates are now!!

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