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Research, Review & Replace the A/C

When you need to Replace your A/C...

? Do you Research online? Do you ask friends and family?

? Do you want to know how the equipment shakes out?

What do the latest Reviews at Consumer Reports say?

That's what we wanted to know. They have a current article with research from their survey.

Reliability is the biggest factor looking at 5 year old systems.

Who did best?? I'm sure you won't be surprised, but you must subscribe to CR to find out... so we did!

We were glad to see our equipment at the top of the pack.

The top 2 listed are more reliable than other brands.

American Standard & Lennox are the best! These are the systems we know!

A system is more than equipment! At E.R.A. we keep our customers comfortable.

Checkout what our customers have to say.... "We got excellent service and at very competitive pricing."

We register your equipment to get you the best warranty 10 years out.

So when life happens and your A/C flips out, E.R.A. will know how to solve it.

If you are researching, catch our Spring Promotion!! Today we had a customer catch a $475 Rebate & recently we saw a $1,250 Rebate. During May we see the last days of catching these deals. We have financing when cash is tight.

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